About Me

Hey beauties!

Before I got into beauty blogging I was studying for my master’s degree in the UK at the London School of Economics until I realized it just was not at all for me. I decided to do what I truly love, beauty. I have always had a passion for beauty… I was smacking my lips together with my mother’s bright pink lipstick at the fresh age of 3! A couple years down the road I was wearing a pink fur coat – faux of course – and had pink wedges on trotting around the house pretending to be a fashionista… I think we can all assume my favorite color was pink (and still is!)

You’ll notice that my blogs will cover all sorts of different beauty tips and keeping up with the latest of what’s out there in the world of beauty. But I will focus at times on how best to care for and cover blemishes, scars, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, skin discoloration, and any other form of skin flaw. I want to try to find the BEST beauty products for a full coverage and long lasting application as well as skincare regimens to give you more radiant looking skin. I’ll be testing all of these on a facial scar of mine so you can find what best suits you too!

***Keep in mind that although I want to help us all find which beauty products can provide the best coverage, flaws are what makes us who we are! It’s important to love ourselves and be confident in who we are first before anything else. Beauty comes from the mind and heart before it is shown through brands applied on the skin. These products can only help enhance our own natural beauty.***

As a Saudi/American hybrid kid, I have seen major differences in beauty regimens, tips, techniques, applications, and styles of both the Middle East and the West. I want to show you the best fusion of what I have learned from these two very beautiful but also different cultures.

As a heads up to you all, I have no professional experience in beauty. But I do hold a whole lot of passion and self-taught experience through years of practice and love for how various beauty techniques can help enhance one’s own natural beauty. I’ve used these beauty techniques for everything from starting an anti-aging regimen for myself to jazzing up my makeup for a special night out, and everything in between! Let’s get started!!

Lots of Love,

Alia Brooke xx


“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.”

– Sophia Loren