Color Correcting 101

I’ve been told since I was young that I have pretty good skin (and I’m not talking myself up). I mean, I can use a medium-coverage foundation, a little concealer under the eyes, some setting powder, and I’m good to go with the base. That is, of course, until it comes to the big red burn scar that spreads across my right cheek into the eyelid and up to the temple. “It’s really not so obvious,” people usually tell me, and one dear friend told me years ago that it looked like I had a fight with my pink blush! Haha I couldn’t stop laughing about that… But with this addition to my complexion, I’ve had to change up my base makeup routine. I used to pack on M.A.C. Studio Finish Concealer (a fantastic concealer, but not for such large surfaces) without any foundation and didn’t ever even think about trying anything new until just recently. That is until I heard about color correcting concealers.

So one day, while out on a makeup shopping spree, I walked up to an Urban Decay counter in a department store here in London and asked a young lady to help me out. I’d heard that Urban Decay is known for its amazing creamy color correctors, so being a newbie at this, I went for it. The young lady was the sweetest and most helpful person I could’ve asked for. She spent a solid 45 minutes trying out different types and colors on my cheek from a beautiful shade of light mint green to lavender and even flaming red! After adding a little foundation on top of the circus of colors, I was sold on the magic of the color wheel and there was no going back to the heavy, sticky concealers slathered all over half of my face! Keep in mind that I got this scar when I was 17 (over 9 years ago), so breaking the M.A.C. concealer habit was kind of a huge deal.

People around me notice that I’ve done something very different, that my scar looks so “natural” or has faded. But really, color correcting concealers can be used on any type of flaw to evening skin tone… But first thing’s first:

What is Color Corrector?

Color correcting concealer is for those of you seeking absolutely flawless looking skin. It’s used to hide the more noticeable imperfections that can’t be achieved using just your foundation and concealer. They can brighten uneven skin tone or hide dark circles, scars, acne scars, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, the list goes on…

The Color Wheel:

When you look at a color wheel spot the color you’re trying to cover up on your face. The color directly opposite is the color corrector you need. For example, if you have redness on your face, you’ll need green and vice versa. Easy enough, right?

color wheel

Below is a list of the most common color correctors and what they’re used for, including which ones are more specific and helpful for different skin tones.

The Color Correctors & Their Uses:

  • Light green neutralizes redness on all skin tones.
  • Yellow cancels purple and blue undertones on all skin. It’s ideal for slight redness, dark undereyes, and uneven skin tones.
  • Lavender cancels out yellow tones. It brightens dull and sallowness on fair to medium skin.
  • Light pink is used more for fair to light skin. It cancels brown hues, discoloration, dark spots, and helps to brighten dullness.
  • Peach is used to cancel out blue tones, such as dark undereyes, bruises, hyperpigmentation, as well as brightening dark spots. It’s best suited for light to medium skin tones.
  • Orange is best for medium to dark skin to cancels blue tones such as dark undereyes and bruises.
  • Baby blue is used to neutralize orange discoloration and brighten dull fair skin tones.
  • Red neutralizes green tones on medium to dark skin. It can be used to cover dark undereyes and tattoos.
  • White is wonderful for lightening, brightening, and highlighting.

How to Apply Color Corrector:

Apply the product directly to your affected area. Use a dampened BeautyBlender to blend into the skin. Once blended, you can first set with a translucent setting powder and then apply your foundation or just skip the setting powder and apply the foundation first, whatever you find suits your skin better.

Stay colorful,

Alia Brooke xx

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