Fight the Frizz: 7 Things You Can do to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair

We’ve all had our fair share of embarrassingly frizzy hair days where it can seem as though we just walked through a terrible wind tunnel or rolled out of bed even though we put so much time and effort into prepping our hair (it can’t just be me, right??). Well, I want to share with you a few tips ‘n’ tricks to help you get your frizzies under control, no matter what the weather conditions may be out there! But before I start, I want to give you a breakdown as to why our hair decides to do whatever it wants in whatever direction it wants to so you know how best to fix your frizzy hair.

What is Frizz?

When the cuticle of the hair shaft has been damaged, it lifts, becomes porous, and is no longer “closed”.


Frizziness is caused because the lifted cuticle allows moisture into each hair shaft and swells. The hair then appears to be dry, dull, and frizzy rather than smooth, sleek, and shiny. Those with curly hair tend to have drier hair to begin with so are more likely to have frizzy hair than those with straight hair.

What You Should Do:

1.  The #1 most repeated rule is to never brush your hair when it’s already dry. This leads to temporary (extreme) frizz, damage of the hair cuticle, stretching of the hair shaft, and breakage. Instead, gently towel-dry your hair, use your preferred conditioning leave-in products (i.e. leave-in conditioner, anti-frizz, hair oil, heat protection, etc.), and comb through with a wide-tooth comb or even your fingers.

Mizrahi back, on Target

2.  Stop using heat on your locks! Well, I know it’s easier said than done… so at least TRY to stay away from heat as much as possible. And if you do choose to keep using heat, it’s recommended that the temperature doesn’t exceed 365°F or 185°C for two reasons: 1) high heat damages hair, and 2) higher heat settings can actually cause the hair cuticles to expand – who knew?!


3.  A hair oil mask is especially therapeutic for your hair. The oils moisturize each hair shaft from within, repairs the damage, and protects your hair from heat leaving you with a strong and shiny mane. There are a variety of DIY hair oil masks that you can leave in for anywhere from 5 minutes to overnight, and the immediate and long-term results are extraordinary! Oils that are particularly great for taming frizz include coconut, argan, jojoba, almond, baobab, and macadamia oil.


4.  Find the shampoo suited for your hair type. Using a poo that’s not for you can cause more damage to your hair than you think. Read more about it here to find the shampoo best suited for your hair type!


5.  Skip washing your hair everyday. I know that may not seem ideal, but for the sake of healthy and beautiful hair, it really is! Skipping a day or two to let the natural hair oils reach and moisturize the ends of the hair shafts can really do wonders for your hair. To keep your hair clean, you can opt for a dry shampoo instead.


6.  A little spritzing of a detangling spray or a conditioning leave-in product can help get rid of that awful mid-afternoon frizz that tends to make us look like we’ve spontaneously decided to skydive and not glance in the mirror afterwards. Some of my favorites for fixing this are Pantene Oil Replacement (mixed with a little bit of water) and BioSilk Silk Therapy Oil.

7.  For those of you with curly hair, pop a diffuser on your blow dryer. A diffuser helps to evenly distribute the air and soften its power so as to not frizz the curly Q’s. Be sure to add in your favorite curling products beforehand to keep the curls looking cute all day long.


Hair just wants to be nourished, treated gently, and moisturized… it’s just that simple! Knowing your hair and what it needs is so important to get you the healthy and radiant head of hair that you want.

Alia Brooke xx

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