SLEEPY: Lush’s Magical Sleep Potion

Does SLEEPY Really Live Up to the Hype??

Lush came out with a hand and body lotion called SLEEPY that is said to be the “magical sleep potion”. Everyone from babies to adults are using this lotion before bedtime to “cure” their insomnia and provide for a great night of sleep. This hand and body lotion was first released as a limited-edition holiday exclusive in 2016 and was sold out almost as fast as it was shelved. Lush then decided to stock it year round as a permanent product. So its main ingredients are oatmeal, lavender, and tonka bean, followed by numerous essential oils. Seems like it should work, right?

I’ve been reading so many articles of people online raving about Lush’s SLEEPY hand and body lotion that I figured I had to try it out for myself… so yesterday I went out and bought a small pot of it to give it a shot.

Now let me tell you – I honestly don’t see what all the hype is about. In fact, the smell was almost obnoxious to the olfactory, especially when trying to get some sleep! It definitely doesn’t have the unique and calming floral fragrance of lavender that is advertised but rather an unpleasant cake batter scent with a sweet underlying oatmeal aroma that makes my face cringe when I get a whiff of it! Now I do love me some good cake batter, but that’s not what I was expecting of this. But on the upside, the texture is rich and creamy, making it a super moisturizing lotion. When it touches the warmth of the skin, it turns into an oil-like substance – very easy to apply and rub into the skin. But unfortunately, it’s a thumbs down to SLEEPY  thumbs-down

Sleep tight and sweet dreams beauties,

Alia Brooke xx

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