Pro Blo Rollers: #CurlMe

Do you dream of having those blown out locks with the ease of doing it in your very own home? Pro Blo has now made it possible and so easy for just about anyone! Here’s how to do it:


The handle clicks into a barrel to create a full-size brush. Then you blow dry, roll the barrel and clip it. Then unclick the handle to leave the barrel in your hair for 10 minutes, it’s as simple as that! These few easy steps will leave you with gorgeous, long lasting tight curls to big, beautiful waves.


The barrels come in different sizes and there are even a variety of packages for you to choose from for the styles that you want and what suites your hair best!


Check out and shop their website at or visit their Instagram page @ProBloGroup !! And don’t forget to hashtag it with #CurlMe when you post a pic or video of yourself 🙂

Enjoy your beautiful locks!

Alia Brooke xx

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