Cutex BB Nail Concealer

Cutex BB Nail Concealer – $6.99 (SAR 26) – Yup! You read that right – BB cream for your nails! This nail cream is magic for your nails when they need some serious TLC. For those of you with weak and brittle nails, this is the immediate remedy for you! Skip a few manicures, ditch the nail polish, and opt for this Cutex BB Nail Concealer, because honey, your nails are going to thank you… and here’s why:

To prevent from any future peeling or breaking, this cream is infused with a polymer to help rebuild, strengthen, and nourish your nails. It also has a silk powder to smoothen out the nail surface of any peels or cracks. To top it off, it’s tinted a beautiful nude shade to cover the breakage, making your nails look elegant and freshly manicured.

Happy pamper nails day,

Alia Brooke xx

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