Get the Top 7 Nail Trends for Summer 2017

The oval and almond shapes with neutrals, nudes, and French Manicures will always be en vogue, but this year has an exciting twist that hasn’t been seen before – doing whatever you want. Anything and everything was seen on the runways this year, from absolutely basic nails to fur balls on the nails to each nail being totally different and one-of-a-kind! Here’s a list of just some of the biggest trends that are in this Summer of 2017:

  1. The stiletto shape has been coming into trend just lately. They are so fashionable because you can do anything with this nail shape; painting them any color looks so fab and you can apply more art on them! Who doesn’t want that?! It definitely takes a confident and strong woman to pull off this bold look.stilletto
  2. Holographic and chrome nails are “it” this summer! They’re perfect for short nails, long nails, and anything in between. If you need that highlight and glow to finish your makeup glam, this is for YOU! It’ll finish off your look with even more of a splash!chrome
  3. Glitter isn’t just for home projects anymore, it’s now going straight on the nails making them look so flashy and classy. Whether you choose to do one nail, several nails, or all – this is definitely a top trend the summer.glitter
  4. The French Manicure will never go out of style, but this summer unique spins are being played on it and anything goes! A colored tip to reverse French Manicure – it’s all here now.french mani
  5. Similar to the holographic nails, but totally matte – having these matte metallic nails give an edgy yet elegant finish to your look.matte.jpg
  6. This chic style is still so in, but the combinations are blowing up this summer! The styles that you can do with ombré are countless, considering all the new types of nail art that’s in as well.ombre
  7. Jazz up your look with decorative crystals in any design that your heart desires. Adding crystals on top of any of the above mentioned nail art trends will just perfect your look for a unique manicure/pedicure that will finish your look off and have you slaying for Summer 2017!


I hope you all have a fab Summer 2017!

Alia Brooke xx

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