The Matte vs. Dewy Debate – What Side are You on?

There’s been a long-standing debate of the matte vs. dewy look, and it seems that with the increase in highlighting everywhere, the dewy look trend is gaining a lot of popularity. This dewy trend I’m talking about includes all sorts of products from lipgloss to the ever-talked about highlighters to the glitter and glossy eyeshadows. But does it suit everyone and every look?

Well, after doing some research on this, I realized that different makeup types and techniques are better for different skin tones. The dewy look, regardless of how much light you want reflecting off of you, tends to look better on medium to darker skin tones, including Middle Eastern. But the matte finish tends to flatter lighter skin tones more.

My daily makeup routine, as an example, when I have no sun color is to use more matte makeup, even down to the lipstick! Then I contour with matte and add some bronzer with a little bit of shimmer on my T-zone to make me look a little sunkissed. But when I’ve been soaking up the sun, then I can include more varieties of shimmers and glosses into my makeup application, but of course not overdoing it!

Here’s something you may not have considered before: your hair! Your hair can help you further decide what type of makeup would look best on you. If your hair is shinier, then you can pull off wearing dewy makeup much better, day or night. But if you have a duller sheen to your hair, either naturally or damaged from over-usage of products and heat, then a matte finish would compliment your overall look much more nicely.

I hope this helps you all!

Alia Brooke xx

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